Genting Highlands overview

Genting Highlands Travel Guide
Genting Highlands is about an hour outside of Kuala Lumpur which makes it the perfect distance for a short trip. This has led to the area being one of the most heavily visited in Malaysia as millions each year flock to the famous Resorts World Genting, as well as to see the Genting Skyway, which is the longest cable car in all of Southeast Asia. Genting has grown considerably over the last few years, largely because it has the only legal gambling that can be found on land, and as it turns out, people really like to gamble. Resorts World boasts six different hotels, including the First World Hotel, which at one time was the largest in the world. The resort also has theme parks with water rides, roller coasters, and even a haunted house. Genting isn't the Las Vegas of Asia yet but it is well on its way.