Kedah overview

Kedah Travel Guide
Although it is currently known as the ‘Rice-Bowl of Malaysia’, the Kedah authorities are pushing for fast paced industrialisation of the state. Increased tourism is also a goal and as well as the many islands in the Langkawi archipelago the Bujang Valley and its Hindu temple complex, believed to have been built around the sixth Century is a draw for travellers. The cultural influence of neighbouring Thailand can be seen in the songs, dances and traditions of the Kedah people as the land was at times under Siam’s control. Langkawi is the jewel of Kedah. Its main island Pulau Lankawi is now a World Geopark with coconut trees framing its white sandy beaches. The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition is quite a tourist draw, but as it is a biennial event and only lasts five days, a decent diary and some careful planning is advisable.