Langkawi overview

Langkawi Travel Guide
Langkawi is a 99 island archipelago but only two islands are inhabited, the largest Pulau Langkawi and its neighbour Pulau Tuba. As they are islands it will be of little surprise that the most popular activities here are beach related. The most popular beach is Pantai Chenang with its bars and restaurants. However with a bit of exploring little out of the way snippets of paradise are easily found. The island is also a paradise for those wishing to embark on a jungle trek or an exploration of the limestone formations and mangroves. The seafood here is worth a go but avoid the lobster which is paid for by weight and can sometimes appear with a lot more shell than the amount of meat deserves. Because the island is tax-free the alcohol is cheaper here than in the rest of Malaysia. Try to remember however that drinking too much booze is unlikely to impress the Muslims on the next table.