Pahang overview

Pahang Travel Guide
Pahang on Peninsula Malaysia is home to the country’s oldest national park. Taman Negara or ‘The Green Heart’ has been relatively undisturbed for about 130 million years. It is also where Peninsula Malaysia’s highest peak, Gunung Tahan is to be found. As well as rainforest Pahang is known for its superb beaches. The regions capital Kuantan holds little of interest for most visitors but is the gateway to Gua Charah where Buddhists go to sit in the caves and have some alone time. There is also an enormous Buddha statue having a lie down. To the south of Kuantan is Tasik Chini a system of fresh water lakes purportedly guarded by dragons and with a lost city sitting somewhere on the bottom. Those who aren’t too worried about the dragons might like to enjoy the lotus flowers which start to cover the water’s surface at the end of August.