Selangor overview

Selangor Travel Guide
Selangor seems more interested in maintaining its position as the richest state in Malaysia than finding new and interesting things for tourists to do. However, tourism is growing and there are things to do. The Batu Caves are sacred to the Hindus and are reached by climbing nearly 300 steps and running the gauntlet of cheeky, food thieving monkeys. Visiting the caves during Thaipusam is recommended for those who like to see religious devotees skewer their bodies with pointy bits of metal. The flies in the Selangor River marshes are not too pleasant during the day, but come nightfall the mangroves are alive with one of the largest firefly colonies in the world. They are quite something when seen from a small motor-less boat. Bukit Melawati was once the site of a fort and it is from here, sitting among the silver langur monkeys, that the best sunset in the area should be enjoyed.